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Christmas Post 2015: Santa’s Nerdy Helper

Hey, remember when it was the start of the year like… last week and now we’re a week out from Christmas?
The Jolly Fat Man is nearly upon us again and if you’re anything like me, you still don’t know what to get at least 3 members of your gift circle. This guide is for you and for me. MERRY CHRISTMAS! I GOT YOU A BLOG POST!

Great Success

Great Success

Buying a gift for your nerdy loved one can be a harder task than the office Secret Santa (which I’m also struggling with, tbh), but with a little research you can find something that will suit any nerd/geek/enthusiast.

Firstly, figure out what the person you’re buying for likes. Are they a gamer? If so, what platform? Do they like video games or tabletop games? More of an anime buff, which series? These are things you can ask to find out more information on what you can buy.

As always, I start out with Ol’ Faithful: Gift Cards. If you don’t know what to get someone, giftcards are perfect. Gamers (and geeks in general) can get a lot out of gift cards. The ones to general shopping centres (Westfield, Stocklands, etc) are great because you can hit up all the major gaming retailers and shop around. Gift cards get a bad rap.
For gamers, Christmas always brings out the best bundle deals. Previous generation consoles are cheap and great for kids, whereas new generation consoles are more expensive, but with the bundle deals, they turn into great value for families and more “serious” gamers. JB Hi-Fi have a great Xbox One 1TB console deal which is bundled with Fallout 3 and Fallout 4 for $529. If you’re looking for a PS4, JB are also doing a “PS4 1TB Ultimate Player Bundle” with Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection, Just Cause 3, Destiny: The Taken King edition and MX vs ATV Supercross Encore. While it might not have the strongest lineup of games (Destiny lost me straight after release), it’s all available for $539. EB Games have some great deals on special edition consoles too. The super shiny Star Wars PS4 bundled with Star Wars: Battlefront is going for $599. Shopping around to see what retailers have is the best way to find the best range of games for the price.

PC gamers can be a little harder. PC gaming mostly involves online stores instead of physical media these days, but you can still get gift cards for services like Steam or if your nerdy presentee has an addiction to LoL or WoW, you can get gift cards specifically for those games too. They’re available at most major gaming retailers. Steam has a great “wishlist” system that ranks what the user wants. Mostly, I just dump games in there and when the Sales come around, I find which ones are on special. The system works.

Not every gamer likes to storm dungeons virtually. The last 12-24 months has seen a HUGE rise in tabletop gaming with the help of Wil Wheaton’s Tabletop video series. Classic games like Dungeons and Dragons remain a staple for most tabletop gamers, but your local games store will hold a plethora of games that will either bring the whole family together over adorable Sushi or destroy families in a game of deceit and suspicion on levels Monopoly wishes it could do.

And if worst comes to worst, get Cards Against Humanity and be shocked when Grandma pulls the Biggest, Blackest Cock card from her hand and wins the round.

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There are a lot of problems in video games at the moment, and the one I’m super sick of (other than everything else) is this whole “Master Race” PC gaming bullshit.

Today, my friend linked me this Imgur post where OP essentially calls console gaming a niche market and that it’s ruining modern day gaming using screenshots from the currently unreleased Star Citizen and ArmA 3 games. He also applauds Cloud Imperium and Bohemia Interactive for not releasing the games on console because it would “ruin our games for PC gamers.”

What I’m getting from this is that he’s angry that there are really shitty PC ports of games and that it’s somehow the fault of people who game on consoles and NOT the fault of lazy developers.

Bad PC ports are awful, I’ve played a few in my time but I don’t blame people who enjoying playing games solely on their Xbox or PlayStation. The blame lies on developers who aren’t optimising their game for computers.

Console gaming isn’t ruining the video games industry, elitism about what platform you “correctly” play on is destroying video games. Whatever happened to playing games because you enjoy escaping into some fantasy world to avoid reality, or sitting down with your friends for a several hour long grind session? Is it too much to ask that people stop trolling others because “Hurr, you’re gaming wrong”?

Guys, let’s have a serious talk here: Play on whatever you want to play on, whether it’s on PC or on your Xbox, PlayStation, GameBoy, Wii, or whatever you play games on. If playing your favourite game gives you joy, don’t let any elitist asshole try to tell you that you’re doing it wrong. You’re doing it right because you’re enjoying video games, and that’s what’s it’s all about.


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State of Decay: Sink Your Teeth In

sodState of Decay is one of those games I’d heard great things about but already felt burnt out on. The zombie genre is a favourite with developers and the market is flooded with hoards (puns!) of them. But when my lovely friend gifted me the base game and the DLC, I decided to have a go at it.

At the time of writing, I’d played almost 10 hours straight without realising it. Thank GOD for days off, right?

State of Decay is a third-person zombie shooter with elements of stealth, resource management and base building thrown in. These gameplay elements help add extra depth to the immersion for the player. You need to make sure that all your characters are at full health, that there’s ammo available and you have an escape plan to get out of any sticky situations. My problem with a lot of zombie/survival games is that it’s run and gun; there’s no strategy. But State of Decay almost encourages you to have a strategy.

As you gather up more survivors to play as, they have mood swings and rely on other members of your group to help them through. The characters have enough personality to give you someone to pick as a favourite, but are plain enough so that you can put yourself in their shoes. Although, the way I’m playing, it’s a bit like an episode of Game of Thrones; I get attached to one particular character and then BAM! Eaten by a zombie. It’s a little tragic.

Gameplay and mission can lull from time to time, making things feel a little boring and repetitive. There’s a lot of potential for a variety of missions, but it’s mostly: go here, clear out this, come back.  I’ve currently found myself going around trying to find resources, waiting for missions to spawn because I’ve completed all the available missions. The missions I have completed have a good learning curve. You can do them on your own comfortably, or take along a fellow survivor to watch your back. Although, the AI can be a little… backwards when it comes to watching out for zombies; either super helpful or a major hindrance. The more you use a particular character, the better their stats get and the more helpful they can be.

My major problem with the game are a few rather annoying bugs I’ve come across when it comes to starting or closing the game. I found the game would crash when the music was muted, and I’m not sure what’s causing my game to bug out and crash when I’m trying to close the game from the main menu. The developer forums are helpful for finding work-around solutions for these bugs, but patching them hasn’t worked as of yet. From some Googling, my problems seem to be fairly common, so I’m hoping the developers are working to patch these out.

The music and graphics aren’t astounding, but it’s not a major drawback. In a world where everyone focuses on lifelike graphics and Oscar-worthy music, it’s kind of refreshing to have something that’s “not up to scratch”. The animation is a little buggy when zombies look like they’re outside, but are actually just clipping through a wall. I’ve wasted many a bullet hitting a wall where I thought I was aiming perfectly at a zombie’s face.

For a fairly generic zombie survival game, I’m sinking a disgusting amount of time into it. It’s got its claws right in and doesn’t really want to let go. The Lifeline and Breakdown DLC have great reviews online and the friend who gifted these to me raved about them when he bought them originally on Xbox Live. If you’re looking for a time sink, some good old fashion violence and nothing too complicated, State of Decay is perfect.

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Send Rade to E3!

Hey guys!

If you follow the Facebook page, you’ll have noticed I’ve been somewhat excited about a competition I’ve entered to go to E3! So there’s two parts to it.

I had to write a 500 word review on an Xbox Live Arcade game from a small pool of games. As there were only 4 games (Trails: Evolution, Bloodforge, Fable: Heroes or Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition), I went through and read a little about each game.

Trails: Evolution didn’t appeal to me at all since it’s a racing game and I’m not that into them. Fable: Heroes looked okay but I don’t like the Fable games much. Minecraft: Xbox 360 edition was what I choose to review until I saw that it wasn’t available for some reason. WTF?

So I went with Bloodforge, a pretty typical hack-and-slash game that’s visually appealing. I only played about an hour of the game before writing my review since I felt I had learnt everything I need to know about the style, controls, storyline and characters. I knocked that out pretty quickly and sent it off to Seth! Seth had a small accident and through no fault of his own couldn’t return an edited version of my review so I did the best I could and edited it myself.

The second part was the harder part. I had to record a 2 minute video of why I should go to E3. I’d recorded that video a dozen times or more before I settled on my submitted work.

The Top 5 are meant to be revealed around May 17th-18th and they it goes to a vote. If I make it till then, I’ll be asking everyone to help me get there. Voting, sharing it with your friends, spamming everyone you know. Bribery won’t be looked down on as long as you vote.

Thanks for all your support!

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Borderlands Vs Borderlands

I bought Borderlands on Xbox last month after having it on my PC for a year. I’m pretty much in love with this game and I decided that this would be a good time to do a comparison for my two main gaming preferences: Xbox and PC.
Now, before my friends start bitching at me about how PC is better, I’ll tell you to shut up now. I’m the writer, not you, so lemme do my job, okay? Thank you.
Since this is my first time playing Borderlands on my Xbox, the controls are a little difficult to get used too but that passes pretty quickly and there are a variety of mapping options available for you. I’m using default as it seems to make the most sense. The downside is that it does take more skill to use an Xbox controller to shoot after I’ve been using a keyboard and mouse for so long.
I’ve noticed an immediate improvement in the graphics, strangely enough. On my PC, the colours seem dull and boring and on the Xbox, they’re just brighter and nicer to look at.
What I’m disappointed about is that I’m not enjoying it as much as I do on PC. I’ve got a few ideas about why this could be true:


  1. I’m a higher level on PC than on Xbox. My level 49 Siren is a lot of fun to play where as my level 15 Siren on Xbox feels tired. Since it’s on the first playthrough, I’ve done it all before and it’s just got no real replay value on playthrough one.
  2. I don’t have to have Gold status to play with my friends. One of the great things about having it on Steam, I don’t have to pay a subscription. I don’t have the money for another Gold sub.

I think I might need to spend a few hours getting reacquainted with the old girl and find our groove again. We used to have such a beautiful friendship but now we’re not even Facebook Friends ™.

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I accidentally Skyrim for almost 9 hours today.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim amulet

Image by Sergey Galyonkin via Flickr

I didn’t ever expect to be writing this.

I hate Morrow Wind with the fiery passion of the Sun.

I accidentally played Skyrim for nearly 9 hours with Boyfling this afternoon.

There’s a meeting for this kind of thing, right?

As it goes, I started played Skyrim on Boyfling’s PC to see if it was any good; and by good, I mean, “Better than Morrow Wind.” Turns out, I started enjoying it okay. Crash here or there but it was okay. Boyfling kept kicking me off so I got him to buy me a copy for the Xbox.

Bad choice.

I need to study for my STAT Test this week and I can’t answer with Dovahkiin. I don’t think the markers would understand.

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Done To Death: The PC vs. Console thing.

Now, let’s get one thing straight before I dive into this: I like to think of myself as a diverse gamer with certain preferences. In my house at the moment there are two gaming rigs, a gaming laptop, three Xboxes, two PS3s and a Wii. Now while they might not be all mine (they are shared between my boyfriend and our roommates), I have played my fair share of video games on all of them so I like to think of myself as objective in this. With that out of the way, let’s get to it. Continue reading

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My Friend Steals my Xbox, Suddenly Converts (Blogspot Post)

Xbox logo

Image via Wikipedia

“Addie, you love me right?”
“May be, why?”
“Can I borrow the Sexbawks for a little while?”

This is a conversation with my friend, who I’ll call Jerkface to protect his identity. He is on school holidays and has decided this week would be the week that he’d steal my beloved Xbox and play Assassin’s Creed 2.

What’s interesting about this is he’s a PC gamer, and by rights would be my enemy if the platform wars ever decided to break free of the internet. Also, I know he’s got money to buy the game. You know, he probably would if Ubisoft didn’t have that silly “Permanent connection to internet” DRM that’s been rubbing people the wrong way.

Anyway, I think I’m starting to slowly turn him towards way of thinking about console! He even thought about buying an Elite. Not that he’ll ever admit it. If he keeps following my lead, he’ll be swooning like a woman when Nathan Fillon is on Castle.

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