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Review: Metal Dead (Indie)

MetalDeadOne of the greatest things about going to PAX was going to meet all the developers who made some of my favourite games. Although, if you’re in the Indie area of the expo hall, it’s about meeting all the people who could potentially become fans.

When I was walking around the expo hall during that rainy PAX weekend, I met the guys at Walk Thru Walls who were demoing their new game Metal Dead Encore. I had a great chat about their point-and-click zombie game with the heavy metal soundtrack and the Steam Greenlight project they’ve got going on.

After the PAX Pox and PPD (Post-PAX Depression) set in, I received an email from Liam from Walk Thru Walls with a handy little link to their previous game, Metal Dead and thus, this review was born!

I have to apologise to the guys at Walk Thru about how long this has taken. Not long after PAX ended, I got horrendously sick (pretty sure that I was carrying some kind of new plague) and then Uni started. So yeah, sorry. Continue reading

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Double Fine Developer Leaves.

Ron Gilbert, best known for his games Manic Mansion and The Secret of Monkey Island revealed that he would be leaving the quirky director via his blog earlier today.

After development on “The Cave” finished, he decided it was time for him to move on.

Now that The Cave is done and unleashed on an unsuspecting world (ok, we did do a bunch of PR, so it wasn’t exactly unsuspecting), it’s time for me to move on from Double Fine and plot my next move.

This raises a question: What’s happening with the incredibly successful Kickstarter that Schafer started last year? If one of his lead developers is leaving, what on Earth is going on?

I, unfortunately, haven’t had the pleasure of playing any of Gilbert’s games but from what I’ve heard, they’re great fun. I should probably invest in a copy of Monkey Island…

Anyone wanna add that to my list?

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