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The Dark Descent (Or, why I’d be the first person killed in a horror movie)

For my 21st birthday, my friend from The Netherlands gifted me a game on Steam. From my extensive wish list, he picked Amnesia: The Dark Descent. I’d only played Amnesia once with a friend for about 5 minutes and we were terrified! Amnesia has a long history of being able to make you poop your britches with very little effort.

Samara: The First 3D TV experience

I thanked my friend for his gift and wondered if he got kicks out of the fact he knows I’m a wuss.

In fact, when I was 14 or so, I watched the American remake of The Ring. My mother had forewarned me that it was probably too much for my brain to handle. Being the know-it-all teenager I was, I ignored her, brushing off her attempts to protect me. I’m 21 now and I’m *still* slightly worried that Samara is going to crawl out of the television and mummify me.

I’ve played 42 minutes of Amnesia and it’s fantastic. It’s so fantastic that I don’t want to play it out of sheer terror. The atmosphere is the real winner in the game. You’re told from the beginning that should play alone, have headphones so you can hear all the minute details and the shading on the screen needs to be just perfect. That’s just on the outside. Inside the game, books have fallen; winds have blown through the halls I’m travelling down and I’m yet to see another living soul. There is so much emphasis on the fact that you’re alone and unable to defend yourself that you find doing a 360 turn to survey the room is essential, even if nothing is there.

It’s a game I’m doing to have to finish in the middle of the day, with all the lights on, while clutching my teddy bear, I don’t see myself finishing it otherwise.

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