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Borderlands Vs Borderlands

I bought Borderlands on Xbox last month after having it on my PC for a year. I’m pretty much in love with this game and I decided that this would be a good time to do a comparison for my two main gaming preferences: Xbox and PC.
Now, before my friends start bitching at me about how PC is better, I’ll tell you to shut up now. I’m the writer, not you, so lemme do my job, okay? Thank you.
Since this is my first time playing Borderlands on my Xbox, the controls are a little difficult to get used too but that passes pretty quickly and there are a variety of mapping options available for you. I’m using default as it seems to make the most sense. The downside is that it does take more skill to use an Xbox controller to shoot after I’ve been using a keyboard and mouse for so long.
I’ve noticed an immediate improvement in the graphics, strangely enough. On my PC, the colours seem dull and boring and on the Xbox, they’re just brighter and nicer to look at.
What I’m disappointed about is that I’m not enjoying it as much as I do on PC. I’ve got a few ideas about why this could be true:


  1. I’m a higher level on PC than on Xbox. My level 49 Siren is a lot of fun to play where as my level 15 Siren on Xbox feels tired. Since it’s on the first playthrough, I’ve done it all before and it’s just got no real replay value on playthrough one.
  2. I don’t have to have Gold status to play with my friends. One of the great things about having it on Steam, I don’t have to pay a subscription. I don’t have the money for another Gold sub.

I think I might need to spend a few hours getting reacquainted with the old girl and find our groove again. We used to have such a beautiful friendship but now we’re not even Facebook Friends ™.

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Done To Death: The PC vs. Console thing.

Now, let’s get one thing straight before I dive into this: I like to think of myself as a diverse gamer with certain preferences. In my house at the moment there are two gaming rigs, a gaming laptop, three Xboxes, two PS3s and a Wii. Now while they might not be all mine (they are shared between my boyfriend and our roommates), I have played my fair share of video games on all of them so I like to think of myself as objective in this. With that out of the way, let’s get to it. Continue reading

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