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Heartbreak, Diablo 3 style

My darling Sophie, you were taken too soon. Fighting your way through hoardes of Hellbeasts who were just too strong.

Yes, I’m talking about my Diablo 3 hardcore Monk named Sophie. One of the features Blizzard boasted about it’s latest dungeon crawller was an finite death mode. Hardcore, as it’s called, allows you to start a brand new character, as if you had just switched on the game for the first time. Your hardcore character doesn’t have access to your chest like your normal characters, nor can they access your accumulated gold. They are created brand-spanking new with a clean slate.

Reflecting on the short 14 levels I had with Sophie, I think I was foolish to have created her. Diablo 3 issues are well known and while I’ve never had major issues with lag (averaging a ping of 200-300ms even while playing with friends in South Korea and the US), the lag I had while playing US servers on Hardcore wasn’t anything to be happy about. I managed to escape by the skin of my teeth dangerous, laggy situations with a smart use of potions and evasive manouvers.

But, we battled on until that faithful day. Trapped in a corner with no Spirit and potions recharging, we couldn’t escape. When you died, my friend Seth wondered why I gasped and cried out, “no!”

I’ll remember our time fondly, while I still mourn your death.

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Blizzard Honour Diablo 3 Pre-Orders made through Game

The GAME saga continues today with the release of Diablo 3 (colour me surprised it didn’t break street date). It’s now well known that the unfortunate souls who pre-ordered Diablo 3 won’t be getting their box of goodies as GAME aren’t honouring pre-orders as they plunge into debt, but the developer Blizzard have come through and made a bad situation a little less bad (and got some wonderful publicity at that.) An announcement on the Diablo 3 forums from Lylirra says

We’re aware that some Australian GAME customers have been left out in the cold on what should be the hottest night of the year — the launch of Diablo III. To help with this situation and get these players into the game as soon as possible, we’ve put the following process in place.

Australian GAME customers with a valid preorder/prepurchase receipt dated before May 15, 2012 can do the following:
1. Purchase the digital version of Diablo III from http://www.diablo3.com now or anytime before May 21, 2012.

2. Download and start playing when the servers go live!

3. Submit your GAME Australia preorder/prepurchase receipt to us before June 30, 2012.

4. Receive a credit from Blizzard, for the amount you paid in advance to GAME Australia for Diablo III. This credit will be applied to the payment method used for the digital purchase.

We’ll post further details here on how to submit your GAME Australia receipt to our customer service team as soon as possible. Stay tuned, and we look forward to seeing you in the Burning Hells!

So there you have it! While it’s unfortunate that GAME can’t honour their customer’s purchases, Blizzard are doing a very nice thing. How often can you say that about a games developer?

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