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EA Named Worst Company in America… Again.

EA hasn’t had the best start to the year and it’s just getting worse. For the second year in a row, Consumerist have named EA “Worst Company in America” according to the voters. But, in light of all the problems that America has faced in the last few years, are EA *really* the worst company in America or are gamers a loud minority with out perspective?

When Peter Moore heard the news, he published a letter which, in my honest opinion, sums the situation up quite clearly.

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SEGA Bids Farewell to its Australian Development House

According to both Gamasutra and Kotaku AU, SEGA is closing down the Australian arm of its development studio later this year.

After last year’s staff layoffs, this closure may come as no surprise to some watching the market closely. While the media release doesn’t say how many employees will be affected, this recent closure adds to the worrying trend of Australian development houses. Team Bondi closed its doors in 2011 after the controversy that struck with the Triple-A game, “L.A. Noire.”

Not only this, but this is the second development house to be killed off by their parent company this week.

Disney representatives announced that it would be shifting LucasArts to a new licensing format instead of a internal development studio. LucasArts were responsible for Psychonauts and Grim Fandango and had been working on Star Wars: 1313, which had great interest from gamers.

Whatever games these development house had in store for us will either be sold to other developers or left to linger in the world of “what if?”

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