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So, if you remember from my THQ Sell-Off post, I said that Vigil Studios, the company responsible for Darksiders, had not had an offer made on it as a part of the THQ sell-off. Well, it looks like Crytek purchased Vigil along with Homefront.

Crytek representative Jens Schafer has said that there will not be another Darksiders game in the future since the plans for the newly acquired studio are still all up in the air. They tried to save as many as the original crew as possible and that’s what matters. There is obviously some talent that could have been lost if Crytek hadn’t stepped up to the plate.


The sell-off of the now bankrupt THQ started today. Studios have been broken up and sold off to other developers, but what went where? Well, according to Kotaku this is how it’s going down: (more…)

NRA Hypocrisy

A big thing that hit the gaming news world this week was that the National Rifle Association (NRA) in America had released a game app on to Apple’s iOS system that used a variety of weapons in a shooting range. The game was rated for ages 4+ and up.

This app release comes weeks after the NRA condemned the video game industry over violent video games, which it blames the Sandy Hook tragedy. The NRA thinks that because Adam Lanza (the accused shooter) was a fan of Call of Duty that was enough to blame video games for his actions. (more…)

I have this terrible habit of starting a series smack-dab in the wrong spot. Comic books, movies, video games and this review is no exception. I’ve started at the (presumable) end of the Far Cry series. (more…)