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There Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked (A Borderlands 2 review)

You know, they say there ain’t no rest for the wicked…

Following the runaway success of Borderlands, the guys at Gearbox announced they would be working on a sequel in August, 2011. Keeping with their winning formula, the game advances the story of Pandora by five years and introduces a fantastic new villain.

After the opening of the first vault, Lilith, Mordecai, Roland and Brick have parted ways, only to be reunited after your character becomes the first Vault Hunter to survive a meeting with Handsome Jack. Handsome Jack has taken over the Hyperion Corporation, is mining Eridium and wants to stop anything that gets in his way. Continue reading

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I’m aliiiiiiiive!

I’m alive, guys. I’ve been lurking around and doing stuff but uni got its claws into me and dragged me to education hell. But I’m back!

So let’s recap on things I’ve been doing:

Borderlands 2: One of my most anticipated games came out in September. There’s some major road works going on around my house and the day that Borderlands 2 came out, they had to shut off my power at 8pm. 8PM!? What am I; a grandmother? (Hey Nan!) It was a kick to the teeth, but I’d managed to get in a decent amount of Pandora plundering before I had to head off to gym and the dark ages of no electricity.

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