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Once Bitten, Twice Shy.

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On a whim (and a severe inability to be able to crack a game) I decided to buy some of The Sims 3* stuff on Origin because it was on sale. The whole process was a little more painful than what I’m used to, but that’s more to never

have used the Origin check out system before.

My first red flag appeared when after I had entered in all my credit card information, this wonderfully grey screen which said, “Your purchase is being processed, you’ll be informed of the outcome soon” appeared and didn’t leave. While a little unnerving, I closed Origin and went to my grandparents place to drop of their belated Christmas present hoping that when I got home, I would have 11 shiny new Sims 3 packs in my Origin list.

Wishful thinking on my part, apparently.

When I got home, I checked my emails. Curiously, there was no confirmation email with my receipt number on it. Checking Origin,

there weren’t any games in my list and when I checked my order history, it flashed nothing and went straight to the store. What HAD happened is that my credit card had been debited $200.

I put in a trouble ticket and I’m waiting to hear back from them but this makes me once bitten, twice shy about Origin. With all the issues EA had before they’d released Origin (You know, how you either accepted the fact they were allowed to rummage through everything in your computer or you don’t use their system), this doesn’t bode well for the newest digital distribution system on the market. Especially since one made by a universally despised company like EA.

*Don’t judge me.

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