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I accidentally Skyrim for almost 9 hours today.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim amulet

Image by Sergey Galyonkin via Flickr

I didn’t ever expect to be writing this.

I hate Morrow Wind with the fiery passion of the Sun.

I accidentally played Skyrim for nearly 9 hours with Boyfling this afternoon.

There’s a meeting for this kind of thing, right?

As it goes, I started played Skyrim on Boyfling’s PC to see if it was any good; and by good, I mean, “Better than Morrow Wind.” Turns out, I started enjoying it okay. Crash here or there but it was okay. Boyfling kept kicking me off so I got him to buy me a copy for the Xbox.

Bad choice.

I need to study for my STAT Test this week and I can’t answer with Dovahkiin. I don’t think the markers would understand.

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How Will Breaking Street Date Affect Gamers in Australia?

Batman as he was depicted in Batman: The Anima...

In the last two months, three games have broken street date in Australia: Batman, Battlefield 3 and as of today, Skyrim. While most gamers are happy that they don’t have to wait for the release date for games, I’m not entirely pleased with the whole situation. This could have a shocking effect on gaming in Australia.

For those who aren’t familiar, a street date is a date set by the publishers for when a game is released. If the game breaks that, it means that the game is being sold earlier. From the couple of people I know who work in a bricks-and-mortar games shop, this can be a pricey mistake with penalties upwards of AU$20,000 for releasing a game pre-maturely.

Australia seems to be suffering from pre-mature release syndrome and it isn’t just the stores that suffer. Since we have the worst track record for breaking the date with games, what’s stopping publishers from delaying the game even longer and “punish us” persay? Isn’t half the fun of pre-ordering a game or getting the game on the day of release the launch day parties and such? Getting excited for the game with all the marketing and anticipation of going to a midnight launch; seeing all the other people who have been anxious to get their hands on the game. Something about a broken street date makes it seem like a wastes effort. My boyfriend picked up Skyrim today and it doesn’t even unlock till midnight, so what’s the point?

Breaking street date might not hurt us now, but I can see in the future that publishers might not choose to ship certain games to Australia without some kind of iron-clad agreement signed from sellers to say that they’ll accept any penalties for releasing the game early. It’ll be the only way to ensure that publishers get the outcome they want without it being spoiled by retailers.

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Done To Death: The PC vs. Console thing.

Now, let’s get one thing straight before I dive into this: I like to think of myself as a diverse gamer with certain preferences. In my house at the moment there are two gaming rigs, a gaming laptop, three Xboxes, two PS3s and a Wii. Now while they might not be all mine (they are shared between my boyfriend and our roommates), I have played my fair share of video games on all of them so I like to think of myself as objective in this. With that out of the way, let’s get to it. Continue reading

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New ideas, guys?

I wanna try a few different things with the blog. One idea I’ve had is starting an article called “Flame Bait”, where I would take about topics that people tend to get very passionate about and discuss them. I’m working on one at the moment about Video games being art; when I post it, can I ask you to put your comments on the Facebook page and the comments section of the post to tell me what you think? That’d be brilliant.


Cheers, Rade.

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