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How-To: Christmas Shop for your Gamer.

With my 21st birthday coming up (It’s the 10th December, guys!) and Christmas on the horizon, the difficult task of buying gifts becomes obvious. Being the well-skilled shopper that I am, I find buying gift for my game-orientated friends the worst. It’s like buying shoes for someone without knowing their size.

So in the spirit of the up-coming season, I give you my guide to buying the perfect gamer gift.

Xbox Live Arcade

Gift cards are the easiest solution for the picky gamer or someone you don’t know very well. Your friend can pick what they want without the risk of buying something said gamer already has or don’t want.

Games are a great gift if you know what your friend plays. Steam has a ‘wish list’ system that is a fantastic indicator. Games are ranked in the order that your friend wants them

and they show up-to-date prices. If you’re buying a game for the console user, Xbox Live Arcade, Playstation Network Store and the Wiistore offer a range of games that be purchased using a credit card or a point-system.

If your nerd has a game in mind, but it hasn’t been released, offer to buy the pre-order for them. Some pre-orders are quite cheap and you still get some decent loot with it. If they already have a pre-order organised but haven’t paid it off yet, offer to pay the rest off. Some collectors editions can be upwards of $150 price wise, so buying it or paying it off is always a good idea and who doesn’t want a shiny new Batman statue for Christmas?

Hardware is another idea, but I’d reserve that for a close friend/partner. My Boyfling is building me a computer for my 21st and Christmas. Since there is a huge cost involved, obviously Boyfling wouldn’t go and do this for everyone. My best friend Jono is getting me a keyboard and mouse and I’ve bought him a new keyboard since he whines about his all the time and I bought Boyfling a new mouse and possibly a new GPU. Clearly, something you’d do for your closest friends/family.

There you go! If you’ve got any other ideas for games, I’ll do a “Gaming Wish List” post and you can

print it out and highlight the stuff you want!

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Fracture: No Broken Elements.

Fracture (video game)

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With the 8 million other things I’ve got to do, I’ve decided to test a game I haven’t actually played yet. I bought Fracture a few years ago and never played it.

The opening credits give an idea of what the game is about. Oddly enough, I’m playing this at a very interesting time. The game is about how Global Warming affected America, separating the nation in two, then the fictional events of genetic modifications. This game is your standard “Us VS Them” third-person-shooter but with a twist. You get a weapon called an “Entrencher”, which works to raise or lower open earth. You’re able to slow enemies by raising the ground or give yourself cover by lowering it. You’re also able to move around obstacles by lowering or raising terrain.

So far, I’ve only played a few hours of Fracture so far but I’m very interested in the story. The idea global warming sinking some parts of America and causing a divide with natural humans and modified humans is kind of new. The story has room for improvement but that may be because I haven’t played for too long.

I’m hoping to give a better review in the future when I’ve got more game time under my belt.

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