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Butthurt Gamers Strike Again

Okay, that’s it. Games community; you need to sit your arse down, shut the fuck up and listen for two fucking minutes.

No, really. Shut the fuck up.

Alright, I suppose I’ll give you some context. Grand Theft Auto 5 came out last week? Week before? In the last month and it’s been unbelievably successful that I imagine the Rockstar office’s look something like this:


It’s also getting 9/10 kind of reviews from websites better known than this one. One of the FEW complaints this game is getting is that it’s sexist or misogynistic. Which yeah, it is. It’s what you expect from a GTA game from 5-years ago, but maybe not one now, where almost half of the people who play games in this modern age are women. Gamespot let one of their female journalists review the game and it was met with the same level of maturity I would expect from a year 6 sex-ed class.

People though that her glowing-nine-out-of-ten review of their beloved game was so terrible, they started a petition to get her fired.

Guys, this kind of behaviour isn’t acceptable. Continue reading

What You Can Expect To Play On Your Xbox One or Playstation 4.

With the Microsoft and Sony press conferences at E3 done and dusted, the console war reignites with new passion and more glory than ever before. But, before you make a  concrete decision what console will be at home in your lounge room, it’s worth taking a look at what games you’ll be playing on your couch. Both Microsoft and Sony have an extensive list of confirmed games to back up their latest hardware and both have some pretty interesting exclusives.

Let’s take a look at the Xbox One’s game list first:

Infinity Ward and Dice will be competing for your FPS war game with Call of Duty: Ghosts and Battlefield 4 respectively coming to your Xbox One. Square-Enix announced Final Fantasy XV, which is the latest in the series and it also announced it would be bringing the latest instalment in the previously PlayStation exclusive series Kingdom Hearts to the new Xbox, too. This is a surprising move since none of the other Kingdom Hearts series is available on the Xbox platform.

343 announced another Halo game. This will be the 9th game in the series and it’ll be interesting to see if 343 Studios can follow up Halo 4 with another brilliant addition. Talking about Halo, Bungie (the developer responsible for the series for 9 years) is bringing the previously thought-to-be PS4 exclusive Destiny to the Xbox One, also. Destiny is generating a lot of positive chatter among critics and journalists and gamers are excited to see how this game turns out.

Crytek announced an Xbox One exclusive by the name of Ryse. Set in ancient Rome, it’s a tale of loss and revenge with a Roman warrior witnessing the murder of his family. Crytek are known for their pretty games and Ryse looks to continue the trend.  The release date of Ryse is TBA.

So there are a few choices for you if you’ve decided to get an Xbox One. But what if you’ve been wooed by Sony? What do you have to look forward too?

Ubisoft have confirmed that Assassins Creed 4: Black Flag will be coming to a PS4 near you in the future along with The Crew. Battlefield 4 and Call of Duty: Ghosts will also be on the newest PlayStation so you can shoot’em up with your friends. The long awaited sequel Mirror’s Edge 2 will be jumping on to PlayStation 4’s everywhere, which is fantastic news. Mirror’s Edge is a game I hold quite favourably in my heart so I’m really looking forward to seeing how Mirror’s Edge 2 turns out.

Everyone is expecting the Dragon Age Inquisition from BioWare and we’ll be getting Phantom Pain from the new Metal Gear Solid V game from Kojima Productions. It’s been confirmed that Kiefer Sutherland of ‘24’ fame will star as our favourite box-hiding Snake.

I think my favourite game announcement was that the Mad Max movie series was getting a video game! Warner Brothers is cashing in on the Australian cult series and a game but strangely, no Australian accents featured on the trailer. Could this be a sign of things to come?

There is a great variety of games for both consoles coming out in the next few years and whether you pick up an Xbox One, a PlayStation 4 or decide to be greedy and get both, you’ll be entertained for quite a while.


EA Named Worst Company in America… Again.

EA hasn’t had the best start to the year and it’s just getting worse. For the second year in a row, Consumerist have named EA “Worst Company in America” according to the voters. But, in light of all the problems that America has faced in the last few years, are EA *really* the worst company in America or are gamers a loud minority with out perspective?

When Peter Moore heard the news, he published a letter which, in my honest opinion, sums the situation up quite clearly.

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