#1ReasonWhy (A Female Perspective on Sexism in Gaming)

One tweet stirred something in the Twitter-verse today…

This seemingly harmless question into women in a male-dominated workforce has seen thousands of women confess to trying to get a foot in, but get shut down by male co-workers. A lot of it is sickening.

@Filamena wrote that expos are dangerous for her as she’s been groped and she’s not the only one who spoke up on the #1ReasonWhy hash tag. One user told a short story of how she told her managers about how she was sexually harassed then was labelled “Volatile” for the rest of her time at that workplace.



Normally, sexism doesn’t bother me. I’ve resigned myself to the fact that it’s always going to exist in some way, shape or form. But I’m reading these stories from journalists, designers, coders from an industry that I want to get into; from an industry that is my biggest hobby; and I’m starting to second guess myself. Do I want to work in an industry or for a company that sees this issue as just a nothing issue?

It’s thoroughly disheartening to see women talk about how they have to prove their intelligence isn’t hindered by her sex or how we’re sexually harassed at shows or online. Since women are seen as equals in most industries (I don’t say all, because let’s face it, we aren’t), why aren’t we seen as equal in an industry that is trying to reach more women?

Some good has come from this discussion: #1ReasonMentors began. Women who are already in the industry reaching out to other women who want a way in. Providing help in whatever way they can. It’s nice to see that while it was spawned from such disgusting tales of misogyny, we’re finding a silver lining.


I hope that one day women in the industry don’t have to be silent or wait till the obvious question is asked to raise our voices against this kind of thing. It’ll be a good day.

Very relevant: Too Many Reasons Why.

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