I’m aliiiiiiiive!

I’m alive, guys. I’ve been lurking around and doing stuff but uni got its claws into me and dragged me to education hell. But I’m back!

So let’s recap on things I’ve been doing:

Borderlands 2: One of my most anticipated games came out in September. There’s some major road works going on around my house and the day that Borderlands 2 came out, they had to shut off my power at 8pm. 8PM!? What am I; a grandmother? (Hey Nan!) It was a kick to the teeth, but I’d managed to get in a decent amount of Pandora plundering before I had to head off to gym and the dark ages of no electricity.

If you liked Borderlands 2 (if you saw my illness posts last year, you’ll know I wasn’t terribly keen on it when I started, but it grew on me), you’ll love Borderlands 2. They’ve kept the same structure that made the first game successful; the characters are diverse and unique and the environments are still really cool. Also, Handsome Jack and Butt Stallion.

EB Expo: Baby’s first gaming convention. It was really cool to see all the exhibits and what the devs were up too. Played the Wii U, which was great fun! Halo 4 previews! Aimee played the new Tomb Raider game, Jimmy walked around as a short Superman and I was trying to find somewhere that would serve a zombie some deep-fried brains. We settled for hotdogs (there was probably brain in it somewhere.)

And now I have Halo 4. I unboxed it about an hour ago. The packaging is so impressive. The big grey box that contains everything has just the right amount of detail and the UNSC symbol is stamped all through the contents and you even get a little mission briefing for your adventures against the alien insurgence.

Hopefully I’ll have something more substantial for you soon.


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5 thoughts on “I’m aliiiiiiiive!

  1. Fae says:

    I’m really interested in trying Borderlands but I can’t play 1st-person, makes me feel all motion sickness-y. All stills I can find show it as 1st-person. Is this actually the case? Or is there some way of changing the view to 3rd-person?

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