Xbox Abuse: Rade says, “NO!”

Since I started working at Telstra, my Xbox has been a little neglected. It’s sitting in my rumpus room, alone and unloved because of my insane work schedule. So I’ve decided to have a catch up session with my little white box of entertainment over the holidays.

I’m undecided in how to do this, however. I’m about two hours into Halo: Reach, which I’m finding to be amazing, but I really want to go through BioShock (for the 6th time) and try to make headway on the achievements I don’t have. I may even make a list of games that I’ve got, and have uncompleted single player achievements since I’m not going to get Xbox Live for a while.

At least if I keep up the pace of work that I’m going to be able to afford a whole bunch of new games. Then I’ll be able to play and finish them all when I’m dead.

One thought on “Xbox Abuse: Rade says, “NO!”

  1. Aimee says:

    Go through Halo: Reach! There is no point in playing Bioshock 6 times woman! It still has the same ending every time. 😛

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