Do Violent Videogames Desensitise Young People to Violence?

While watching this particular interview on Sunrise, something was said about how violent video games desensitise young people.

Now, as a person who has been playing violent video games for at least 6 or 7 years now, I don’t feel the need to get in my car and mow down people in the CBD, or find a gun and murder an entire school. And it certainly doesn’t make me feel any less calm about death and violence around me.

While I do understand how gaming and violence could be related, I don’t understand why people jump to the conclusion that video games were the only reason for violence when the kid who committed the crime played WoW for about 10 minutes. That’s not enough time to level up, let alone see any fantasy violence.

Wishful thinking strikes again when I hope that one day common sense will one day be common again and parents plus the media will realise that sometimes virtual reality is just an escape from the ultra-violence of real life and that the children they try so desperately to protect are (generally) level-headed people who can make sane decisions.

3 thoughts on “Do Violent Videogames Desensitise Young People to Violence?

  1. Aimee says:

    Bitch you can level up and kill at least 20 wolves or bandits in WoW in 10 mins.

    And you know what….IT MAKES ME WANT TO MURDER IRL.

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