Disney Acquires PewDiePew, TotalBiscuit Network

Video game channels on YouTube are a lucrative and profitable business… if you can do it right and that appears to be exactly what the guys over at Maker Studios’ have done, with Disney buying the network for $500 million.

That’s not even all the money on offer, either. A performance-based payout of $450 million could raise this deal to be worth $950 million! That’s a lot of numbers…

Creators like TotalBiscuit have come out and said that they’re going to keep making the same content that they’ve always made, and if they’re asked to change it, they’ll leave.

It remains to be seen what approach Disney is going to take with its newly acquired channel, but the injection of money can only mean good things for YouTube creators who aren’t as well known as TotalBiscuit and PewDiePew.

One thought on “Disney Acquires PewDiePew, TotalBiscuit Network

  1. Zerahl says:

    I guess everyone has their price. I imagine that TotalBiscuit’s would be far higher than most, though.

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