Butthurt Gamers Strike Again

Okay, that’s it. Games community; you need to sit your arse down, shut the fuck up and listen for two fucking minutes.

No, really. Shut the fuck up.

Alright, I suppose I’ll give you some context. Grand Theft Auto 5 came out last week? Week before? In the last month and it’s been unbelievably successful that I imagine the Rockstar office’s look something like this:


It’s also getting 9/10 kind of reviews from websites better known than this one. One of the FEW complaints this game is getting is that it’s sexist or misogynistic. Which yeah, it is. It’s what you expect from a GTA game from 5-years ago, but maybe not one now, where almost half of the people who play games in this modern age are women. Gamespot let one of their female journalists review the game and it was met with the same level of maturity I would expect from a year 6 sex-ed class.

People though that her glowing-nine-out-of-ten review of their beloved game was so terrible, they started a petition to get her fired.

Guys, this kind of behaviour isn’t acceptable.

No. Non. Nyet. Nē. Keine.

Games are subject to criticism and interpretation just like every other form of art out there. And when there is criticism, we should discuss it like adults and not act like someone just stole our lollypop and we most certainly should not try to destroy someone’s livelihood over something as trivial as this.

There has been a lot of discussion about the way gamers (and the majority of them being male, there are some women who act as stupidly) react to such topics and a lot of it paints the rest of us with the same brush. If you want to act like immature, bratty assholes, go ahead. But do it somewhere else, or appropriately identify yourself so we can do something about you.

TL;DR? Gamers acting like assholes need to stop acting like assholes and start talking about their problems.

ugh, frustrated and annoyed now. Boyfriend is playing GTA: V and I need to kill something…

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