Xbox SmartGlass App review

The Xbox Smartglass App is a handy way to control your 360 from any device. Downloading the application is free from the Windows, Android and iTunes store and set-up is relatively easy. Sign-in to your Windows Live account associated with your Xbox Live account and go! Obviously your Xbox needs to be connected to the Internet for the application to work but those are the only real specifications the application requires.

Its neat lines and clean interface is easy-to-use and reflects Microsoft’s Metro/Windows 8 UI design across their current platforms. With five main screens (not shown: bing search engine) you can get access to everything that your Xbox is able to do from whatever device you have at your fingertips. In a house like mine, with at least 6 Xbox controllers (don’t ask) and none of them with working batteries, being able to use my HTC One XL as a control will be incredibly handy.

The controller function while watching media can be a little slow and difficult to use at first but after playing around with it for a few minutes, I was able to get the hang of things easily and found it quite helpful when my partner came out to tell me something in the middle of watching Smallville. Instead of having to wait for my Xbox controller to turn back on again then pause the episode, it was instantaneous. Bit of a first world problem, but it’s the world I live in.

I’d definitely recommend picking up the Xbox Smartglass app if you’re someone who uses their Xbox as a home media centre. Especially with that FREE price tag.








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