Jumping on the EA Bashing Bandwagon.

SimCity launched the other day. It’s had a pretty disastrous first few days with server issues plaguing users and everyone is pretty pissed off about it.

Amazon has temporarily pulled SimCity from their catalog, EA have disabled some global features until they can get the server issues under control and give a pleasant experience for their users. All-in-all, they’re desperately trying to avoid a mass exit of their customers. The masses seem to have another idea. News outlets like Kotaku US and Kotaku AU are reporting everything and anything as fact and inspiring a lynch mob. People are even bombing Metacritic so that the Metascore of SimCity is negative and everyone is bashing EA without looking from the facts.

A source, who wished to stay anonymous, has revealed that EA had different plans for the relaunch of one of their biggest series. Attempted to provide resources like a server base similar to SW:TOR so that there would be enough servers to deal with the enormous load that they expected. However, the Maxis department (owned by EA) wanted to go another direction which is the way that SimCity is now set up. Since the game is being distributed by EA, Origin is how you download the SimCity client. Origin handles the authentication of servers then hands it over to the Maxis side of things. It’s pretty much the same way Steam handle their MMO’s.

While none of this has come to light (it probably won’t because the aforementioned news outlets won’t research anything past hits and revenue), it’s important for users to remember that this has happened before and no, I’m not talking about Diablo 3; I’m talking about Guild Wars 2. I remember that Boyfriend and I had issues connecting to servers, Amazon pulled their digital distribution of GW2 until ArenaNet got their issues sorted.

Don’t remember that? There wasn’t a lot of press about it but there were a lot of people who had issues like myself.

Unfortunately, what you learn from this is that bashing “evil” developers is the cool thing. EA bashing has been in fashion for years and even I’ve been guilty of bashing EA over their constant stream of The Sims 3 expansion packs every few months to get dollars from their users. (You thought I was infallible?)

It’s disappointing that the news outlets won’t present an unbiased front on the game because, when you can get on, it’s a spectacular game. It’s beautiful, challenging and a great amount of fun and all that gets drowned out by all the entitlement of gamers of our generation. I hope that one day we mature past this childish behaviour and can enjoy games without complaining about the first few teething days.

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