PS4 Announced This Morning. Well, Sort Of.


Well, that was unexpected.

Actually, who am I kidding? They’ve been hinting at it for weeks. Sony must be taking cues from Apple’s “Ways to keep your information ‘secret'” book.

This morning, Sony announced their new console the Playstation 4. Well, they announced who would be DEVELOPING for the PS4. Their event lacked a certain console the audience around the world was wanting to see. With pictures leaked for weeks of the controller, there wasn’t any mention of the hardware. Maybe Sony are saving something for E3?

What we do know is that Bungie (Developers of the Halo series, excluding 4) are bringing a new game called Destiny, Blizzard are bringing Diablo 3 to the party (and to the PS3), Square Enix and their new “Luminous Engine” is coming with a new Final Fantasy gameĀ and that I hope the E3 presentation is a lot more exciting than what I just saw. We wait with bated breath to see what else is announced over the coming months.

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