About Rade

I was always told that Dad found me in his beer, which explains a few things. But I’m pretty sure I was born in Western Suburbs hospital on a warm December afternoon. Not having much control over my motor-functions (like any newborn); I probably wasn’t ready for the big wide world of video games journalism. But 20-something years later, I’ve at least figured out how to use a controller.

My hands assume the WASD position automatically, I find myself going into game stores before shoe stores (priorities) and it kind of became obvious that games had taken over my life. Now that I’m all grown up, I’ve decided to take what I love (video games) and combine it with what I’m good at (stringing a coherent sentence together) and see how it works out. So far, it’s going pretty well.

After years of hanging out in the games industry as a freelancer and a professional, I’ve got connections, knowledge, and a can-do attitude.


Any business inquiries should be made through the ‘Contact Me‘ tab in the bar above.




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