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PAX Australia 2016: The PAXpocalypse

While Rade isn’t going to PAX Australia this year, that doesn’t mean she’s forgotten about you! Here’s another PAX Australia Guide, to help you navigate your weekend and have the best PAX yet!

PAX Australia 2015: PAXageddon

PAX Australia is in its third year this year and only proves to be bigger and better than previous years. Like always, I’m here to help you navigate through three days of video games, panels, cosplay and any extracurricular activities you might have planned. For the uninformed, the Penny Arcade Expo (from the creators of […]

PAX 2014 Round Up

The sad reality of things is that it’s the day after PAX and PPD (Post-PAX Depression) has already set in. I woke up this morning with a bit of a broken heart because I couldn’t take the 20 minute walk from my hotel to the Convention Centre and hang out with the coolest people I […]

PAX Australia 2014 Survival Guide: The PAXening

Last year, I made a post about preparing for the upcoming PAX Australia convention. I drew on knowledge I’d gathered from other events I’d been to, and asked people who’d been to PAX cons in the US for advice. All my research still didn’t prepare me for just how massive those three days are! Now […]

PAX Australia Survival Guide

It’s almost here! The first (hopefully annual) Penny Arcade Expo in our lovely Australia and I thought I’d share some tips and tricks that I’ve learnt from going to conventions (see: one) and things I’ve learnt from others. So let’s start at the beginning, shall we?

And now for something completely different… Gamer Diaries updates coming soon


Hands on: ASUS ROG G20CB (Sponsored)

Pre-built computers for gaming weren’t always a viable option for your hardcore gamer – they just didn’t have the power to run your favourite games. And if you weren’t confident enough to build your own PC, you probably didn’t want to sink some of your hard-earned cash into a puzzle that can go wrong. Happily, […]

2017 Convention Calendar

2017 is a new year! I’m trying to be more prepared for the upcoming con season by figuring out what is when. Have a read through and see what tickles your fancy!

So you want to be a video games “journalist”?

Over the last few months, I’ve had people coming to me for advice about wanting to break into the video games industry as a reviewer or journalist. To be entirely honest, I’m not sure I’ve actually gotten into the industry yet but I’ll give you whatever advice I can give. I’ve also asked friends who […]

E3 2014. Does Anyone Else Need a Cigarette and a Cold Shower? #XboxE3 #SonyE3

E3 is like Christmas in June for the video games industry and gaming fans everywhere. With the new generation of consoles being launched, purchased and firmly ingrained in households, Microsoft and Sony came out with a new line up of games and console attachments for their next gen consoles and some great stuff for their […]

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